Dr Ashley Crawford

Addiction of Choice

Ben Aitkens takes no prisoners.

Stephen Haley: The Future Photos

Science Fiction, from H.G. Wells’ Time Machine to William Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy, is awash with technologies gone awry, usually with startling and dystopian results. Such was certainly the case when Melbourne-based artist Stephen Haley embraced a new image-manipulation software called photogrammetry.

Sansom Agonistes

Gareth Sansom has made the art of montage into a life-long gesamtkunstwerk.

Growing Up: Ronnie Van Hout’s Tumultuous Year

There can be little doubt that it is a momentous year for Ronnie van Hout.

David Griggs: Apocalypse New

On a three-month residency in the Philippines, David Griggs was blown away by Manila’s radical art scene. These days, he calls the city home.

Cool Hunter Predictions: Julia Robinson

Some people like their art easy to consume, something recognisable, something safe. Julia Robinson doesn’t make art for those people.

On The World Stage: Fiona Hall

In the hands of Fiona Hall, even a discarded sardine can become an intricate construction, as she tirelessly toils to make detritus desirable.

Alchemy and Anarchy in Silk

If Doble knows paint and Strong knows technology and photography, it is Behruz Aligorgi who knows silk and wool.

Matthew Barney

The artist once described in the New York Times as; “the most important American artist of his generation,” but just as often derided for being pretentious and indulgent, in person is not what one may expect.

Thou Shalt Not Clone

The surgeons go to work with delicate care, rubber gloves correctly adorned.

Ashley Crawford is a freelance cultural critic based in Melbourne, Australia.